Zülfikarlar Holding


İskender Zülfikari Foundation was established in 2010 to provide financial and motivational support to the education and training of students, to prepare them for a professional career once they graduate and to guide them while choosing a job. With these objectives, our holding offers scholarship and internship opportunities to hundreds of students.

Our scholarship can be given exclusively to students who are enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate program. The scholarship recipients are not obligated to repay the amount or render services in return. Those who study at private universities or are enrolled in the evening program or distance-learning program of universities and graduate students are not eligible for scholarship. Successful students keep receiving their scholarship during the standard period of education foreseen in the department to which they are registered.

Prerequisites for Application
1.) To be a 3rd or 4th grade undergraduate student in a university within Turkish borders.
2.) To be a Turkish citizen
3.) To be in need of financial support due to insufficient assets and income.
4.) Not to be working in an income-generating job.
5.) Not to be receiving scholarship from another public or private institution.
6.) To have a GPA of minimum 2,70 out of 4.

Please send your applications to hr@zulfikarlar.com.tr