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Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. Terms of Use

1). Legal Disclaimer

The explanations below specify the terms of use for this website. Unless otherwise stated, all references to Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. on this website represents the corporate person of Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş.

2). Obligations towards the Customers
The content presented on this website may not always provide comprehensive information and in certain cases, might not hold validity. Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş does not have any liability stemming from the errors or missing information found on its website  (except false statement). The decisions taken based on the information provided by this website is at customers’ responsibility. Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş is not responsible from any direct and\or indirect losses or damages that might result from accessing or using this website or any information provided by it. Except for the information that relates to the Personal Data which will be processed in line with the Confidentiality Policy published on this website, Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş enjoys unlimited right of use on the additional information given to Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş; and the customers accept that this nonconfidential information can be used by Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş as it deems fit. In other words, such information will be treated as nonconfidential information.

3). The Ownership of the Copyright of this Website
Unless otherwise stated, the ownership of the copyright that stems from the content of the website or the materials to be downloaded belongs to Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş reserves all the rights over the content or the materials. It is obligatory to obey all copyright laws and the relevant legislation that are in force. It is absolutely prohibited to use this website for any other purpose. Without clear authorization from Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş, this website cannot be framed or no link can be created with its pages other than the homepage.

However, all sections of the website can be accessed, and all pages can be printed with the purpose of personal application.

Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş reserves the right to make changes in its terms of use or the legal disclaimer above. When one enters this website, one accepts the terms valid during that particular time of entry; therefore each time the website is visited, the terms of use and the legal disclaimer need to be revisited.

4). Link to or from Other Websites
Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş is not responsible form the content of any website including those which has links to its website or which can be accessed from its own website. Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş does not accept any accountability whatsoever about such websites or links.

The reason why a link has been given to the website of a third party is because the website in question is believed to contain or probably contain materials that might be relevant for the Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş website. The presence of such a link does not mean that Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş has examined or approved the website of the third party. Such a link might, at times, enable a customer to access the website of a third party which contradicts the opinions stated on this website.

5). The Law that this Website is Subject to
The usage of this website, the material downloaded from this website and the implementation of the relevant provisions and terms are subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish courts shall be authorized to resolve all disputes that might stem from using this website.

If these provisions and terms are found to be fully or partially invalid, illegal or inapplicable by any authorized body, the provision in question will be treated separately from other provisions that maintain their validity and applicability at the highest level allowed by law.