Zülfikarlar Holding


Distinguished business partners and employees;

Zülfikarlar Holding is a prominent corporation, which grows every day with new investments and creates added value thanks to its widespread network across the country.

Our group believes in the economic potential of our country and has embraced the principle of investing its earnings back to the country. It is bound to achieve even greater success stories thanks to its strong human capital.

Since our foundation, we have always aimed for the best and will continue to deliver influential projects that are of premium quality.

Trust and top quality service are indispensable assets for Zülfikarlar Holding; humanitarian and environmental values are at the core of all our activities.

In all the sectors we operate, our ultimate goal is to be a pioneer and to create an international brand.

I have a firm belief that Zülfikarlar Holding is going to realize all its targets thanks to its commitment to its corporate values and employees who work harmoniously together as members of one big family.

I would like to extend my thanks to all our employees, business partners and customers for their contributions to our successful results.

İsfendiyar ZÜLFİKARİ
Chairman of the Board