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Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. Confidentiality Policy

1). Information About the Establishment of the Company and Our Website
Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş., pledges to protect the confidentiality of its customers in line with the Confidentiality Policy herein presented. The Confidentiality Policy is presented to inform the public about the type of personal data that Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. has access to through this website and the way this information is used.

This website is subject to the restrictions imposed by relevant legislation of the Republic of Turkey. All kinds of dispute that stem from the usage of this website shall be resolved by authorized courts in accordance with the relevant legislation. The content of www.zulfikarlar.com.tr is prepared and published under the supervision of Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş.

2). Protection of the Personal Data
The Law 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data defines “personal data” as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. If any visitor of this website participates in a competition\survey or shares data for any other reason during the ordering process of any product or service, such data can be regarded as “Personal Data”.

3). Processing of the Personal Data 
One of the goals of the Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. website is to inform its customers of its activities and services. In order to provide required services and information more effectively, Personal Data are collected and used. Below are the purposes for which personal data are used:

  • To respond to the questions and requests communicated to Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş.
  • To start processing the orders and the applications received,
  • To fulfil the legal obligations that stem from the agreements concluded with Zülfikarlar Holding,
  • To foresee and solve the problems that might be related to a product or service supplied by Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. 
  • To create products and services that meet customer needs.

Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. pledges to use the Personal Data of its customers with the objective of serving them better and only for the purpose of direct marketing. The Company will use its customers’ Personal Data in line with its Confidentiality Policy and only for the purposes clearly advised to its customers and to which they have openly given consent. It is therefore obligatory to inform the customer and obtain their consent before using their personal data for direct marketing.

In case the customers request non-utilisation of their Personal Data for the aforementioned purposes by Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş., they need to contact Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. by using the contact information provided at the Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. website. Following the procedures as described in Law 6698, the Personal Data in question will be deleted, destroyed or anonym zed and the customers will be updated accordingly.

Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. shall not use the Personal Data apart from the purposes stated in the Confidentiality Policy without authorization; the only exception being the extraordinary circumstances laid out in Article 28 of the Law 6698.

4). Storing the Personal Data
Personal Data, once they are anonymized, are stored during the time that subscription of the data subject is active, with the purpose of contacting those people effectively. It is the customer’s duty to inform Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş of the changes that might take place in their Personal Data. Those who would like to have their Personal Data changed or correct erroneous information should contact Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. via www.zulfikarlar.com.tr.

Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. guarantees that all the Personal Data that it has obtained will be safely stored and kept up-to-date, will not be processed, accessed or stored unlawfully pursuant to Law 6698 and the relevant legislation.

5). Transfer of the Personal Data
Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. cannot transfer or disclose the Personal Data to third persons with the aim of marketing its products and services, without open consent from its customers and except for the circumstances laid out in Article 28 of the Law 6698.

6). Direct Marketing
Customers will be sent marketing messages, which might attract their attention, in line with their previously stated marketing preferences. The content of those messages should comply with the relevant articles of the Turkish Commercial Code. Those who want to cancel the marketing messages, can contact the company via www.zulfikarlar.com.tr or follow the instructions laid out in the marketing message whenever they would like to use their right to waiver. 

7). Website Traffic Information and Cookie Folders
The servers owned by Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. automatically save the data concerning each visit based on the visitors’ IP addresses. These data do not identify the persons in question; however they do identify the computer or the device that has been used to access the website. The information collected is used to make a click flow analysis, which then helps better understand from which countries the website has been accessed and for which purposes it has been used. During the website visit, Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. can upload short text messages known as “Cookies” to visitors’ computers. The objective of these Cookies is to show that the website has previously been visited by that person and thus to create a better online experience for that specific visitor. Moreover, these Cookies sometimes save the preferences of the users in order to personalize their visit.

Cookies does not identify the user as a person but the computer that has been used to view the website. These can be Session Cookies that are deleted once the server is shut down or they can be permanent cookies that remain in the computer for a long time. In order to delete the Cookies or prevent them from being uploaded in the computer in the first place, the user needs to read the Help Menu of the server. In certain cases, disabling the cookies might reduce the functionality of websites or depending on the visitor’s browser preference, it might block access to certain websites.

8). Special Warning for Children Under 13
Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. website is not appropriate for children under 13 and Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş, shall, under no circumstance, deliberately collect, use, obtain or process any Personal Data that belong to children under 13. In other words, Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. does not deliberately collect information from children under 13.

9). Possible Changes in the Confidentiality Policy
Zülfikarlar Holding A.Ş. reviews its Confidentiality Policy regularly and reserves the right to change it from time to time. All updates are to be published on this website. Customers continuing to use the website in the aftermath of the changes demonstrates their acceptance of the changes in question.